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Rspamd 1.7.6 has been released

15 Jun 2018

We have released Rspamd 1.7.6 today. There are no incompatible changes introduced with this version to our best knowledge.

The most important features and fixes

  • Fix multiple neural networks support: it is now possible to learn multiple neural networks with different settings as documented
  • Rework rspamadm to use mostly Lua for subcommands for better documentation and extensions support
  • Add pubkey checks for dkim_signing module (#2277)
  • DMARC reports are now compressed using gzip as suggested by RFC
  • Settings module can now skip message processing to improve performance
  • Bayes classifier now consider more metatokens from the headers
  • ED25519 DKIM signatures are now supported
  • Fixed serious issues with composites, maps and other components
  • Major memory leak hunting and eliminating (especially those that occurs during reload)
  • Add more tests and allow to create fake DNS records to make certain tests self-contained (e.g. DKIM or DMARC)

Full list of the meaningful changes

  • [CritFix] Fix multiple neural networks support
  • [Feature] Add decryption function to keypair command
  • [Feature] Add gzip compression for HTTP requests in elastic module
  • [Feature] Add gzip methods to lua util
  • [Feature] Add maps based on Top Level Domains
  • [Feature] Add pubkey checks for dkim_signing
  • [Feature] Add support of fake DNS records
  • [Feature] Add tool to encrypt files
  • [Feature] Allow to add symbols using settings directly
  • [Feature] Allow to match private and public keys for DKIM signatures
  • [Feature] Allow to set task flags via settings
  • [Feature] Allow to specify fake DNS address from the config
  • [Feature] Implement signatures verification using rspamadm keypair
  • [Feature] Implement signing using rspamadm keypair
  • [Feature] Improve error reporting for DKIM key access issues
  • [Feature] Provide $HOSTNAME variable in UCL
  • [Feature] Rework levenshtein distance computation
  • [Feature] Split message parsing and processing
  • [Feature] Support ED25519 DKIM signatures
  • [Feature] Support encrypted configs in UCL
  • [Feature] Suppress duplicate warning on very large radix tries
  • [Feature] Use OSB to combine header names
  • [Fix] Cleanup maps data on shutdown
  • [Fix] Fix ‘~’ behaviour in composites
  • [Fix] Fix HTTP maps updates
  • [Fix] Fix NIST signatures
  • [Fix] Fix RFC822 comments when processing a mime address
  • [Fix] Fix double free
  • [Fix] Fix dynamic settings application
  • [Fix] Fix for CommuniGate Pro maillist
  • [Fix] Fix keypair creation method to actually create keypair…
  • [Fix] Fix matching patterns with no paths
  • [Fix] Fix memory leak in parsing comments
  • [Fix] Fix parsing of urls with numeric password
  • [Fix] Fix plugins intialisation in configwizard
  • [Fix] Fix potential crash on reload
  • [Fix] Fix potential race condition for a finished HTTP connections
  • [Fix] Fix race-condition leak on processes reload
  • [Fix] Fix signing in openssl mode
  • [Fix] Free language detector structures
  • [Fix] Relax alignment requirements
  • [Fix] Send DMARC reports compressed
  • [Fix] Try to fix leak in dmarc module
  • [Fix] Try to plug memory leak in metric exporter
  • [Project] Convert rspamadm subcommands to Lua
  • [WebUI] Display smtp sender/recipient in history
  • [WebUI] Fix elements disabling in “Symbols” tab
  • [WebUI] Limit recipients list in history column to 3
  • [WebUI] Match envelope and mime addresses following in arbitrary order
  • [WebUI] Update column header
  • [WebUI] Wrap addresses in history