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Rspamd 1.7.7 has been released

02 Jul 2018

We have released Rspamd 1.7.7 today. There are no incompatible changes introduced with this version to our best knowledge.

The most important features and fixes

  • Add rspamadm mime tool to do various email operations:
    • extract text/HTML content
    • extract statistical tokens
    • exctact URLs
  • Fixed encryption mode in Rspamd proxy
  • Fixed various crashes in maps during reload
  • Preload maps data before starting of the worker processes when possible
  • Better HTML styles processing: add ZeroFont exploit filtering rules
  • Fix ED25519 DKIM signatures as described by the latest RFC draft
  • Added crash reporting system via libunwind

Full list of the meaningful changes

  • [CritFix] Check NM part of pubkey to match it with rotating keypairs
  • [CritFix] Do not overwrite PID of the main process
  • [CritFix] Fix maps after reload
  • [CritFix] Fix maps race conditions on reload
  • [CritFix] Fix shmem leak in encrypting proxy mode
  • [Feature] Add a concept of ignored symbols to avoid race conditions
  • [Feature] Add ability to print bayes tokens in rspamadm mime
  • [Feature] Add method to get statistical tokens in Lua API
  • [Feature] Add preliminary mime stat command
  • [Feature] Add rspamadm mime tool
  • [Feature] Add urls extraction tool
  • [Feature] Address ZeroFont exploit
  • [Feature] Allow rspamadm mime to process multiple files
  • [Feature] Allow to extract words in rspamadm mime
  • [Feature] Allow to print mime part data
  • [Feature] Allow to show HTML structure on extraction
  • [Feature] Distinguish IP failures from connection failures
  • [Feature] Improve output for mime command
  • [Feature] Improve styles propagation
  • [Feature] Main process crash will now cleanup all children
  • [Feature] Preload file and static maps in main process
  • [Feature] Print stack trace on crash
  • [Feature] Process font size in HTML parser
  • [Feature] Propagate content length of invisible tags
  • [Feature] Read ordinary file maps in chunks to be more safe on rewrites
  • [Feature] Support base tag in HTML
  • [Feature] Support more size suffixes when parsing HTML styles
  • [Feature] Support opacity style
  • [Fix] Another fix for nested composites
  • [Fix] Fill nm id in keypairs cache code
  • [Fix] Fix colors alpha channel handling
  • [Fix] Fix destruction logic
  • [Fix] Fix double free
  • [Fix] Fix maps preload logic
  • [Fix] Fix nested composites process
  • [Fix] Fix proxying of Exim connections
  • [Fix] Fix reload crash
  • [Fix] Fix rspamadm -l command
  • [Fix] Update ed25519 signing schema
  • [WebUI] Stop using “const” declaration
  • [WebUI] Update RequireJS to 2.3.5