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Rspamd 1.7.9 has been released

01 Aug 2018

We have released Rspamd 1.7.9 today. There are no incompatible changes introduced with this version to our best knowledge.

The most important features and fixes

  • Ratelimits are reworked and now work as intended (and documented)
  • Clickhouse module supports data retention policies
  • Reworked C modules to avoid global contexts (simplifies leaks detection on reload)
  • Reputation plugin now supports SPF records reputation
  • WebUI code is now even more conformant to the modern JS standards
  • Maps are now distributed remotely with local file safety fallback to allow faster maps update without waiting for a new release
  • Antivirus module checks attachments only (as decoded content) in attachments_only mode to improve AV performance by hiding the mime content from them

Full list of the meaningful changes

  • [CritFix] Fix caseless comparison of equal length strings
  • [Feature] Add HTTP basic auth support to elastic and clickhouse plugins
  • [Feature] Add SPF selector to reputation
  • [Feature] Add support of the fallback backends for HTTP maps
  • [Feature] Allow to print full mime structure when extracting mime data
  • [Feature] Allow to split symbols in reputation plugin
  • [Feature] Check attachments only on AV scanners in attachments_only mode
  • [Feature] Disable all SSL checks if ssl_no_verify flag is set
  • [Feature] Implement parsing of scoped IPv6 addresses
  • [Feature] Improve rspamc counters output
  • [Fix] Add sanity checks when expanding SPF macros
  • [Fix] Allow to parse SA rules with no spaces around =~ (dirty hack)
  • [Fix] Avoid one extra byte writing
  • [Fix] Deal with direct hash table
  • [Fix] Detect empty text part as text, not HTML
  • [Fix] Do not reduce map watch timeout for mixed http/file maps
  • [Fix] Fix HTML part detection heuristic
  • [Fix] Fix double free in redirectors cleanup
  • [Fix] Fix legacy history handling in the controller
  • [Fix] Fix messages insertion
  • [Fix] Fix sending string method
  • [Fix] Fix statconver command line arguments
  • [Fix] Fixed argument checking for being null
  • [Fix] Fixed issues reported by luacheck
  • [Fix] Freeze updates queue when do actual storage update
  • [Fix] HTTP map hash is per-backend and not per-map
  • [Fix] Plug memory leak in fuzzy updates
  • [Fix] Prefer ‘MTA-Name’ when producing authentication results
  • [Fix] Replace bad unicode sequences instead of stopping on them
  • [Fix] Set classifier version on learning
  • [Project] Reworked ratelimits
  • [Project] Apply topological sorting for symbols in Rspamd
  • [Project] Remove global contexts from C modules
  • [Project] Move performance critical hash tables to khash
  • [WebUI] Avoid unused indexes
  • [WebUI] Do not execute on_success callback
  • [WebUI] Fix history reset for “All SERVERS” (#2346)
  • [WebUI] Fix query URL for selected server
  • [WebUI] Fix symbols display in legacy history,
  • [WebUI] Hide symbols order selector for legacy history
  • [WebUI] Refactor query functions into one
  • [WebUI] Remove previously-attached event handlers
  • [WebUI] Save symbols to the selected server
  • [WebUI] Unify arguments of query functions
  • [WebUI] Use common query functions to get graph data
  • [WebUI] Use common query functions to save symbols