Rspamd 2.2 has been released

2019-11-19 00:00:00 +0100

We have released Rspamd 2.2 today.

This release contains some new features and many bug fixes. There are no incompatible changes introduced with this release to our best knowledge.

This release includes the following features and important fixes.

Added virustotal support

Rspamd now supports Virustotal as an Antivirus plugin. You need to obtain API key to use this service. All normal antivirus module operations are applicable to this plugin.

Clickhouse collection rework

Rspamd now does Clickhouse data collection in a separate perioric event. It allows to do collections based on time, number of rows (as previously) or on amount of memory used. More details are in the GitHub issue.

ASAN builds

Rspamd packages have now ASAN branches to help debugging issues with Rspamd and provide better feedback for the developers. The details about ASAN builds are covered in this FAQ section.

Faster base64 decoding

We have applied number of optimizations to improve the performance of base64 decoding on the modern hardware (especially with AVX2 and/or SSE4.2 support).

Fast unicode validation library

Rspamd now uses number of techniques to improve utf8 validation by utilising modern CPU instructions, such as AVX2 and SSE4. This code is based on the work from Yibo Cai and achieves around 0.5 CPU cycles per byte speed when using AVX2 codec.

Upstreams fixes

There are number of significant improvements in the upstreams library of Rspamd. Specifically, that includes better consistent hashing, better upstreams marking logic and improved logging.

Build system rework

The CMake based build system has been reworked to use more modern design practices provided by newer CMake versions (Rspamd now requires CMake 3.9 as minimum). New build system should improve multiple configurations support and simplify CMake build files.

Full list of the meaningful changes

  • [Conf] Antivirus: Fix the default config
  • [Feature] Add verdict library in lua
  • [Feature] Allow exception when choosing upstream
  • [Feature] Allow to disable symbols from the metric config
  • [Feature] Allow to limit maps per specific worker
  • [Feature] Always validate Rspamd protocol output
  • [Feature] Antivirus: Add preliminary virustotal support
  • [Feature] Clickhouse: Rework Clickhouse collection logic
  • [Feature] Improve base64 usage
  • [Feature] Shutdown timeout is now associated with task timeout
  • [Fix] #3129 Multiple classifiers on redis working incorrectly
  • [Fix] Allow real upstreams configuration
  • [Fix] Another try to fix slow callbacks and timers
  • [Fix] Check results of write message as SSL can bork them
  • [Fix] Clickhouse: Avoid potential races in collection
  • [Fix] Clickhouse: Fix periodic script
  • [Fix] Fail DNS upstream on each retransmit attempt
  • [Fix] Fix consistent hashing when upstreams are marked inactive
  • [Fix] Fix issues found
  • [Fix] Fix off-by-one in retries for the proxy
  • [Fix] Fix termination
  • [Fix] Fix upstreams exclusion logic
  • [Fix] Fix utf8 validation for symbols options and empty strings
  • [Fix] Oops, fix maps reload
  • [Fix] Rbl: Allow utf8 lookups for IDN domains
  • [Fix] Sigh, another try to fix brain-damaged openssl
  • [Project] Add fast utf8 validation library
  • [Project] Use own utf8 validation instead of glib
  • [Rework] Another phase of finish actions rework
  • [Rework] Further cmake system rework
  • [Rework] Further isolation of the controller’s functions
  • [Rework] Make cmake structure more modular
  • [Rework] Move cmake modules to a dedicated path
  • [Rework] Replace controller functions by any scanner worker if needed
  • [Rework] Rework final scripts logic
  • [Rework] Rewrite rspamd_str_make_utf_valid function

Rspamd 2.1 has been released

2019-10-28 00:00:00 +0100

We have released Rspamd 2.1 today.

This release contains some new features and many bug fixes. There are no incompatible changes introduced with this release to our best knowledge.

This release includes the following features and important fixes.

Add uuencode support

Despite of being very old standard, UUenconde parts are still quite common in the email traffic observed. From this version, Rspamd supports uuencoded parts (both normal and base64 version).

Critical issue found in dkim verification

There was a critical regression in 2.0 DKIM verification code caused verification failures for some of the valid DKIM signatures. More details are in the GitHub issue.

Improved neural training

There are number of fixes and improvements in the Neural module. Now all training samples are balanced using random sampling allowing a smoother training vectors selection. Some number of bugs has been fixed, as well as scores are no longer recommended to select training vectors - Rspamd automatically applies heuristic to select messages for learning. Also some issues around infinities and learning threads count have been addressed.

Maps fixes

There are number of fixes and improvements around maps handling logic. This include fixes for both HTTP and file maps, as well as better timeout and caches handling.

Event loop fixes

Rspamd could previously select an inefficient backend on some OSes, notably, on BSD and OSx. This version should fix it. The ability to configure the events backend manually via the configuration file has also been added to Rspamd.

Full list of the meaningful changes

  • [Conf] Update neural.conf
  • [CritFix] Fix dkim verification for multiple headers listed
  • [Feature] Add support of uudecode
  • [Feature] Allow to explicitly set events backend
  • [Feature] Implement configurable limits for SPF lookups
  • [Feature] Lua_scanners: Use lua magic for inclusion/exclusion logic
  • [Feature] Multimap: Do not check files in office archives
  • [Feature] Neural: Add sampling when storing training vectors
  • [Feature] SPF: Allow to disable AAAA checks in configuration
  • [Feature] Spf: Add limits configuration support
  • [Feature] Store etag in cached HTTP maps + better logging
  • [Feature] Support segwit BTC addresses, fix LTC verification
  • [Feature] Support uuencoding
  • [Fix] Add configurable number of threads for OpenBLAS
  • [Fix] Add workaround for ragel 7 in hyperscan related maps code
  • [Fix] Another fix for numeric urls parsing
  • [Fix] Correct EMA time calculations
  • [Fix] Do not treat archives as text
  • [Fix] Do not use strdup on data extracted from lua
  • [Fix] Fix a failure calcuating URL reputation.
  • [Fix] Fix crash due to constructors init order
  • [Fix] Fix crash on parts with no cd
  • [Fix] Fix empty prefilters that require mime structures
  • [Fix] Fix event loop creation
  • [Fix] Fix issues sending DMARC reports.
  • [Fix] Fix misprint
  • [Fix] Fix saving of the file maps
  • [Fix] Fix size calculations when converting from utf16
  • [Fix] Fix support of disable_monitoring in rbl
  • [Fix] Fix use-after-free
  • [Fix] Fix zip files check to relax requirements
  • [Fix] Important hiredis fixes
  • [Fix] Lot’s of fixes in maps check logic
  • [Fix] Lua_tcp: Deal with temporary fails on write
  • [Fix] Lua_tcp: Make write errors fatal and rework error handlers
  • [Fix] Meta: Filter some more values
  • [Fix] Neural: Add protection agains infinities
  • [Fix] Oops, fix math.huge invocation
  • [Fix] Plug memory leak
  • [Fix] Sigh, another email to string fix
  • [Fix] Try to fix another ownership race in ssl connection
  • [Fix] Uuencode: Fix parsing of corrupted uuencode
  • [Fix] lua_scanners - razor rename need_check function
  • [Rework] Require CMake 3.9 to work, remove manual lto crap

Rspamd 2.0 has been released

2019-10-11 00:00:00 +0200

We have released Rspamd 2.0 today. This version encompasses new versioning schema that will be used in future Rspamd releases: specifically, instead of the <major>.<minor>.<patch>, Rspamd will use just <major>.<minor> versioning schema. This happens because the <major> number has never been increased for many years and <minor> number has been used as a real version indicator.

Upgrade notes

There are various important features in this release. The vast majority of those should not have any visible impact on the existing systems. However, you are recommended to read the Upgrade Notes.

The main potential source of incompatibilities is the deprecation of the surbl and emails modules that have been replaced with rbl module. The default Bayes backend is also changed to Redis now while the Sqlite backend is now marked as deprecated and is not recommended for use. ip_score, neural and ratelimit modules users are strongly advised to read the upgrading notes!

Packages support

In this version of Rspamd, we have stopped support of the following OS variants:

  • Ubuntu trusty (reached EOL)
  • Centos 6 (almost reached EOL)

We have added Centos 8 packages instead.

As usually, Rspamd project strongly recommends NOT TO USE the packages that are provided by 3rd parties, including your own Linux distribution. These packages are usually out-of-date, built incorrectly and accordingly, they are not supported by Rspamd project. Please use the official packages only. FreeBSD ports are considered official packages as they are supported by Rspamd project directly (well, strictly speaking by myself).

Here is the list of the most important changes in this release.

Libevent has been replaced with bundled libev

After many years of using the libevent library Rspamd switched to libev library. The main reason was performance and control: there were many libevent versions shipped with various supported platforms and many of those lacked important features, such as inotify support for Linux. Switching to libev allowed us to simplify the code, improve signals handling, improve timeouts handling and deal with file maps changes instantly due to inotify.

Torch has been dropped from Rspamd

Lua torch has served as a powerful engine for ML and neural networks in Rspamd for quite a long time. However, it is no longer maintained or updated and its support has proven to be a nightmare. There were also important bugs that could not be fixed due to the code complexity. From version 2.0, Rspamd adopted kann library that is much more friendly for embedding and provides very convenient interfaces that are now exported via Lua.

RBL module improvements and replacement of the SURBL and Emails module

RBL module has replaced both emails and surbl modules unifying all Runtime Black Lists checks in a single place. It has added new RBL types, such as selectors, and the simplified extending of the existing rules to more powerful ones.

Emails rules with maps instead of DNS RBLs are NO LONGER SUPPORTED. Please use multimap with selectors instead.

New Lua Magic library

For file types detection, Rspamd now uses an own implementation of detection library based on Lua and Hyperscan (where possible) instead of libmagic. There are 4 major concerns for that:

  • Libmagic is a generic library that can easily detect pdp11 a.out format but can fail in docx detection surprisingly often
  • We need performance and libmagic is not about performance at all
  • We want to add new detection heuristics instead of relying on 3rd party strict rules
  • Libmagic API is not very suitable for us

With the new library, Rspamd can detect part types in just a couple of microseconds and find the vast majority of the interesting things, such as executables, archives, images, html and so on and so forth.

Neural module rework

Neural networks module has been almost totally rewritten to support KANN library and symbols profiles. Now, Rspamd will not reset neural network on each individual symbol change - it will try to use the most appropriate network instead. Many issues with neural learning dead locks have also been addressed.

Clickhouse module improvement

  • Added LowCardinality fields to improve storage requirements
  • Fixed retention code
  • Significantly optimized memory usage by using userdata instead of interned strings

Multimap module

Various new features, including maps combinations and dependent maps(

Maillist module

Improved mailing lists detection and reworked detection heuristic.

Heartbeats support

Rspamd workers now send heartbeat events to the main process. In turn, the main process can now kill hanged workers if a reasonable amount of heartbeats have been lost. This feature is not enabled by default for now.

Lua scanners improvements

There are lots of additions in lua scanners. Many of those have been contributed by Carsten Rosenberg from HeinleinSupport.

New antivirus engines support:

New external scanners:

  • Razor support (by @c-rosenberg)
  • Better oletools support (by @c-rosenberg)
  • P0F support as a separate module (by Denis Paavilainen - @denpamusic)

Mime modifications

From version 2.0, Rspamd allows modifying messages via Lua API methods. This support required massive rework of the internal structures and have been tested by Migadu. These functions are implemented in the lua_mime library.

Users settings improvements

Rspamd now treats settings differently if they are set via Settings-Id: there are certain performance benefits and better logging in all modules. It is also possible to bind rules explicitly to certain settings id allowing to separate mail processing flows more efficiently.

Upstreams library improvements

  • Added lazy resolving of the upstreams
  • Added SRV upstreams to resolve SRV records for both names, ports, and priorities (e.g. by using Hashicorp Konsul DNS)
  • Use random strings for monitoring sanity

Performance improvements

  • Improved base64 decoding for typical outputs
  • Langdet: Limit number of stop words to be checked
  • Added sanity limit for task:get_urls() method to avoid Lua memory blow
  • Maps: Allow caching for complex maps
  • Settings fast path have been added
  • Lua core: use lightuserdata to index classes to avoid strings interning
  • HTTP(s) keep-alive support has been added

Rules and other improvements

  • Added BITCOIN_ADDR symbol to allow custom composite rules creation to block scam campaigns
  • Support Litecoin addresses
  • Implement syntax highlighting for Lua
  • Allow execution of async events when hs compiles regexps
  • Bayes expiry: eliminate default expiration mode (use lazy mode all the time)
  • Eliminate lua_squeeze as it has shown no improvements
  • Drop url tags
  • Eliminate virtual scan time as it is useless
  • Use replxx instead of linenoise
  • Added SSL/STARTTLS support to lua_tcp library
  • Implemented SSL graceful closing

This version of Rspamd contains a number of other minor and major improvements and fixes compared to the 1.9 branch. This includes some bugs that were fixed in 2.0 and that could cause certain issues, hangs or crashes with certain emails.