Rspamd 1.1 has been released

18 Jan 2016

The next major release of rspamd: 1.1.0 is now released. In this version, I did another bunch of architectural rework. This time, I’ve refactored fuzzy storage, regular expressions processing and statistics primarily.

A number of features that I was asked constantly about have been added to rspamd, including such features as:

  • Autolearning for BAYES: statistics can learn on good or bad messages automatically
  • Redis backend for statistics to enable distributed and fast redis storage for rspamd cluster
  • Scalable fuzzy storage: it is now possible to scale hashes storage across multiple processes to process thousands of requests per second

There is also major performance improvement: hyperscan engine support for optimizing regular expressiosn execution.

With this version, I have added a lot of documentation, including tutorials and improved quick start guide.

Here is the full changelog for this version available on GitHub:

The new version is almost 100% backward compatible with 1.0 branch but please check the migration document if you are using per-user statistics and rspamd-1.0.

Here are some graph of rspamd performance on scanning:

So you can see that rspamd can scan as much as 200 messages per second consuming less that 50% cpu of a typical scanner machine (Xeon E5405 single CPU).

Rmilter is also upgraded to the version 1.7.0 that brings full IPv6 support, redis cache support and major cleanup of unused and broken stuff. Rmilter changelog is available here: