IP changed for rspamd.com

15 May 2017


We have migrated hardware that served https://rspamd.com site and related services including fuzzy storage.

Problem description

All Rspamd users who are using rspamd.com fuzzy storage might see the following messages in the log:

fuzzy_check_timer_callback: got IO timeout with server rspamd.com(, after 3 retransmits

Normally, Rspamd re-resolves hostnames in this case. However, if there is a single server specified (as enabled by default) there is no resolving on errors. Unfortunately, this bug has been fixed merely in the master branch and is not released in the stable versions yet.

Potential outcome

The quality of filtering might be temporary reduced as fuzzy storage helps to filter certain spam types.


You just need to restart Rspamd and it will use the new IP address as intended. We do apologise for any inconveniences caused.