Rspamd 3.5 has been released

20 Mar 2023

We are excited to announce the release of Rspamd 3.5, packed with new features, improvements, and fixes. This version brings enhancements to configuration, critical fixes, and added functionalities to the Rspamd project. Here’s an overview of what you can expect in this release:

New Features:

  • Added SURBL hashbl support
  • Introduced the thresholds field to the scan result
  • Added the ability to execute Lua scripts for blocked fuzzy clients
  • Added preliminary support for external maps in the multimap plugin
  • Enabled the building of maps by combining tuples of selectors
  • Added query support for external maps for settings
  • Introduced selector_alias in map definitions
  • Enabled MIME part filters on the antivirus module
  • Improved rate limit Redis scripts
  • Added the specific_urls_filter_map extractor in Selectors
  • Reworked the selectors framework

Critical Fixes:

  • Deserialized Hyperscan to page-aligned space to prevent alignment issues
  • Filled path field in Hyperscan notice command


  • Multiple fixes related to Hyperscan, Redis configuration, Ratelimit, RBL, and URL reputation plugin
  • Fixed off-by-one error in CSS tokenizer and issues with boundaries containing only dashes
  • Restored strict_domains support and replaced broken strict_domains with phishing_exceptions
  • Reworked list applications and added external maps support
  • Improved handling of hostnames with no dots


  • Stopped reporting soft reject in history
  • Converted the chartable plugin to C++ for convenience
  • Changed the approach for customization of settings


  • Added the MID_END_EQ_FROM_USER_PART rule to the Mid section

Upgrade notes

In addition to the numerous improvements in Rspamd 3.5, this release introduces some notable changes to the supported platforms. We are excited to announce the provision of arm64 packages, extending Rspamd’s compatibility to a wider range of devices. However, as part of our commitment to providing up-to-date and secure software, we have removed support for outdated and end-of-life (EOL) Debian distributions, specifically Ubuntu Bionic and Debian Buster. This decision ensures that our users are running Rspamd on well-maintained platforms with active security updates. For more context on this change and guidance on upgrading your distribution, please refer to the following document

It is essential to carefully review the upgrading implications to ensure a smooth transition to Rspamd 3.5. These changes allow us to focus on delivering the best possible email filtering solution while promoting the use of secure and up-to-date platforms.