Rspamd 3.7.1 has been released

11 Oct 2023

We are excited to introduce Rspamd 3.7.1, the latest iteration of our advanced spam filtering system. Rspamd continues to evolve as a robust and efficient spam filtering solution. This release is packed with new features, enhancements, and crucial bug fixes designed to elevate Rspamd’s performance, versatility, and security to new heights. Let’s delve into the key changes in this version:

Critical fixes:

  • Addressed a critical memory leak in the gzip function, ensuring more efficient resource management.

New Features:

  • Added support for ICAP Content-Type and Filename, expanding Rspamd’s capabilities for content analysis.
  • Introduced the logging->task_max_elts option, providing greater control over logging.
  • Added a utility for splitting strings within C++ code, simplifying string manipulation.
  • You can now set HTTP authentication parameters for maps, enhancing security.
  • Improved configuration error checking during configtest, facilitating the identification and resolution of plugin configuration issues.
  • Introduced the known_senders plugin, assisting in the management and recognition of known senders.
  • Transitioned to using backward-cpp instead of manual libunwind handling, enhancing code quality and reliability.
  • Enhanced RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) support to check numeric URLs individually, enhancing the accuracy of spam detection.


  • Addressed various issues in CMakeLists.txt to prevent test failures related to whitespace.
  • Corrected the location of the Date: header to conform with RFC standards.
  • Ensured the correct format pattern for RE tree tempfile names.
  • Fixed format string and length issues, contributing to code stability.
  • Improved grammar definitions for content-disposition attributes.
  • Enhanced the logic for Redis parameters in the Lua schema enrichment process.
  • Resolved a Lua stack corruption issue when logging large tables.
  • Fixed the utility for merging tables.
  • Ensured the correct output of non-RSA DKIM keys.
  • Addressed various corner cases related to parsing single-host URLs.
  • Corrected several issues in the url_redirector plugin, improving its functionality.
  • Prevented DNSWL (DNS-based Whitelist) sabotage, enhancing spam filtering.
  • Resolved dependency registration issues in the RBL plugin when using symbols prefixes.
  • Improved the behavior of the rspamadm mime command to avoid conflicts with arguments starting with the letter ‘t’.
  • Prevented the matching of messages from the Android GMail app in the MISSING_MIMEOLE check.


  • Reverted to semantic versioning (semver) to provide better versioning consistency.
  • Transferred RCL (Rspamd Configuration Language) logic to C++, streamlining configuration processing.

Rspamd 3.7.1 represents another significant stride forward in our ongoing commitment to providing an efficient, reliable, and feature-rich spam filtering solution. We encourage you to upgrade to this latest version to take advantage of these improvements and ensure the continued security of your email communications.