Rspamd 3.7.4 has been released

14 Nov 2023

Today we have released Rspamd 3.7.4; the first release in the new stable branch of Rspamd 3.7.

The following changes are new in 3.7.4:


  • Fixed setproctitle on CentOS-likes
  • Fixes for hyperscan cache file handling
  • Fixed exclude_local in RBL module
  • Properly set config field when loading tasks from Lua
  • Set loaded variable explicitly


  • Enable fasttext on RPM based Linux
  • Improve FREEMAIL_AFF capture rates
  • Add rule for messages missing both X-Mailer and User-Agent header
  • Add composite rule for suspicious URLs in suspicious messages

Upgrading notes

The exclude_private_ips setting in RBL module no longer exists in this release (and was broken in previous releases), it can be removed from configuration. This setting is equivalent to exclude_local.