Rspamd 3.8.0 has been released

19 Jan 2024

Today we have released Rspamd 3.8.0. The most important features & fixes in this release are highlighted below.

Bayes statistics rework

Bayesian statistics have been reworked to use Redis scripts & now use 3x less network traffic. Learn cache has been reworked to prevent endless growth.

Support for emiting JSON-formatted logs

Rspamd can be configured to emit logs in JSON format, for ease of ingesting & querying with 3rd party logging solutions, such as Grafana Loki.

Other new features

  • GTUBE patterns can be fully disabled
  • Support for enforcing encryption in proxy
  • Support for pinging fuzzy storage
  • Support for suppressing DMARC reporting for some particular recipients
  • RBL module: support disabling or replacing whitelists per-RBL
  • Improved WebUI


  • Fixed overflow in fuzzy counters
  • Fixed issues with the raw header on header insertion/modification
  • Fixed multimap rawtext filter