Rspamd 1.0.2 has been released

23 Sep 2015

The next stable release of rspamd has been published. This release fixes a couple of critical bugs, improve webui look and implement finding of URLs inside query parts of other URLs.

  • Fix critical bug in webui that prevents password from being sent
  • Rework webui view:
    • Switch to d3.js for graphs
    • Improve piechart look
    • Rework colors for piechart
    • Fix layout for symbols
    • Fix refresh button
  • Add descriptions for whitelist maps
  • Fix build on arm (#379)
  • Fix issue with the last element in the radix trie
  • Add more tests for radix trie algorithm
  • Allow to extract URLs from query strings of other URLs (#361)
  • Initialize rrd fields before writing to file
  • Fix double free if no password has been specified

This version is completely backward compatible with 1.0.0.