Rspamd 1.4.1 has been released

30 Nov 2016

The next stable release 1.4.1 of Rspamd is available to download. This release includes various bugfixes and couple of new cool features. The most notable new feature is the Clickhouse plugin.

Clickhouse plugin

This plugin is intended to export scan data to the clickhouse column oriented database. This feature allows to perform very deep analysis of data and use advanced statistical tool to examine your mail flows and the efficiency of Rspamd. For example, you can find the most abused domains, the largest spam senders, the attachments statistics, URLs statistics and so on and so forth. The module documentation includes some samples of what you can do with this tool.

Universal maps

It was not very convenient that maps could only contain references to external resources. From the version 1.4.1, you can also embed maps into the configuration to simplify small maps definitions:

map = ["elt1", "elt2" ...]; # Embedded map
map = "/some/"; # External map

Lua modules debugging improvements

You can now specify lua modules in debug_modules to investigate some concrete module without global debug being enabled

New rules

Steve Freegard has added a bunch of new rules useful for the actual spam trends, including such rules as:

  • Freemail and disposable emails addresses
  • Common Message-ID abuse
  • Compromised hosts rules
  • Rules for upstream services that have already run spam checks
  • Commonly abused patterns in From, To and other headers
  • Suspicious subjects
  • MIME misusages

Multiple fixes to the ANN module

Neural networks has been fixed to work in a distributed environment. Couple of consistency bugs have been found and eliminated during Redis operations.

Other bugfixes

There are couple of other bugs and memory leaks that were fixed in this release. Please check the full release notes for details.