Rspamd commercial support

You can access enhanced support through Rspamd Ltd.’s commercial support option. It’s ideal for users seeking added spam protection features and a higher level of support. Importantly, opting for commercial support directly contributes to the active development and maintenance of the open-source project.

Commercial support features

By choosing the commercial support option, you will have the following extra features:

Premium fuzzy storage is a set of the dedicated fuzzy servers that provide the following features comparing to the free ones:
  • No volume restrictions: Premium fuzzy storage offers you unlimited capacity within the agreed volumes.
  • Extra hashes storage: Twice more hashes are stored.
  • Extended retention time: Benefit from longer data retention periods.
  • More geographical locations (less latency): Access our servers from a wider range of locations to reduce latency.
  • No hashes delay: Experience immediate access to fresh fuzzy hashes with no delays.

We offer an exclusive supplementary list of fuzzy hashes, carefully curated for both high hit rates and an exceptionally low false positive rate. In practice, this list can significantly enhance your efficiency, often outperforming the default list by 2 to 3 times. It's important to note that access to this premium list is reserved exclusively for our commercial subscribers, providing them with a valuable edge in their anti-spam efforts.

We offer priority support, which includes the option for custom feature development through a separate agreement. Additionally, we provide consultancy services for configuring effective anti-spam solutions, encompassing best practices and valuable configuration guidance. Our commitment is to ensure you have all the tools and expertise needed to tackle your specific requirements and optimize your anti-spam setup.

For customers seeking to maintain DNS lists within their own infrastructure, we offer access to our DNS lists through the rsync protocol.

Pricing model

The pricing for our support services is highly adaptable, taking into account a variety of factors. These factors include the nature of your business, with special discounts available for educational clients, as well as the volume of messages you anticipate processing. Our pricing structure offers several tiers to cater to diverse needs, and we encourage you to reach out to us via email at for a personalized quote. When you contact us, please provide an estimate of the message volume you plan to handle, such as the number of messages per day. This information will help us provide you with an accurate pricing proposal.


Feel free to reach out to us via email if you need any additional information about our commercial support.