Rspamd is free and open source software. Developers are mostly volunteers and every user support is provided in their free time. If you have questions about installation or how to use Rspamd, please check our Documentation first, especially Rspamd quick start and Frequently asked questions.

Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests

If you find a bug or would like to ask for a specific feature then you can use issue tracker hosted on GitHub. We also welcome pull requests if you would like to submit patches for any part of the project: documentation, site, WebUI, and Rspamd itself.

General Questions and Community Support

Please join our community for updates, release announces and other news.


If you would like to support Rspamd you can make donations to help us covering hardware and conferences costs used for Rspamd development and promotion. You can donate via PayPal, GitHub Sponsors, or contact

Commercial Support

If you require the additional level of support related to large or custom Rspamd setup that could involve NDA signing, consulting, direct and unlimited access to the fuzzy storage, DNS lists and so on, you might go with the commercial support option.