Rspamd 1.0.7 has been released

2015-10-26 00:00:00 +0100

The next bugfixes release 1.0.7 of rspamd is out. This release contains critical bugfixes for rspamd including the following ones:

  • Plugged memory leaks in internet address object & html parser
  • Fixed static build
  • Fixed multiple sigchld processing
  • Fixed deletion of signal events after event processing loop
  • Fixed build on ARM (#404 - reported by @Gottox)
  • Fixed setting the default mask for SPF.
  • Fixed sanitisation of HTTP query values
  • Fixed parsing of the last header in encrypted HTTP messages
  • Fix architecture detection
  • Fix double free in the controller fuzzy learn command
  • Avoid endless loop when cannot open sqlite db

This version also includes several improvements over the previous one:

  • Additions and fixes for test suite & benchmarks
  • Added openssl aes-256-gcm support to libcryptobox & HTTP server
  • Implemented support for starting multiple HTTP servers
  • Implemented batch accept in HTTP server
  • Added module to get data from HTTP headers (#285 - reported by @msimerson)
  • Added rspamadm control command
  • Added ability to sort counters output.
  • Added ability to specify custom headers for rspamc client
  • Converted history storage to the UCL format
  • Allow flexible number of rows in history
  • Fix action badges in WebUI
  • Add universal cryptobox hash API
  • Migrated to the optimized blake2b implementation adopted from Andrew Moon
  • Allow explicit loading of specific modules
  • Always load settings module
  • Allow to add symbols from settings
  • Updated libucl

This version has backward compatibility with 1.0.0 preserved.

Rspamd 1.0.6 has been released

2015-10-16 00:00:00 +0200

The next bugfixes release 1.0.6 of rspamd is out. This release contains critical bugfixes for rspamd including the following ones:

  • Fix build on i386
  • Update CentOS7 service file patch (by @fatalbanana)
  • Fix path to rspamadm in Debian init script (by @fatalbanana)
  • Fix broken ‘_SC_GETPW_R_SIZE_MAX’ on FreeBSD
  • Fix portability issues
  • Use cryptobox chacha for libottery
  • Better support of 32 bit builds
  • Fix header name tokens setup
  • Fix levenstein distance method for words
  • Add workaround for old libevent (#400)
  • Fix microseconds in termination timer
  • Fix some more issues with fixed strings
  • Explicitly test CPU instructions even after CPUID call
  • Do not check out of boundary memory
  • Do not output broken emails
  • Fix unknown symbols registration
  • Handle SIGILL using longjmp
  • Block signals when exiting event loop
  • Fix incorrect allocation size
  • Slightly optimize alignment
  • Restore rspamd -t for compatibility
  • Add more sanity checks for emails

This version has restored backward compatibility with 1.0.0.

Rspamd 1.0.5 has been released

2015-10-14 00:00:00 +0200

The next stable release of rspamd has been published. Here is a list of notable changes for 1.0.5 release:

  • Add rspamd control interface:
    • support stat command to get runtime stats of rspamd workers
    • support reload command to reload runtime elements (e.g. sqlite3 databases)
  • Rework curve25519 library for modular design:
    • add Sandy2x implementation by Tung Chou
    • fix CPU detection for variables loading assembly
    • add testing for curve25519 ECDH
  • New fixed strings library

Less important changes:

  • Enable mmap in sqlite3
  • Use new strings in the HTTP code
  • Improve google perftools invocation
  • Improve performance profiling in http test
  • Reorganize includes to reduce namespace pollution
  • Allow specific sections printing in configdump command
  • Rework workers signals handlers to be chained if needed
  • Update socketpair utility function
  • Add control_path option for rspamd control protocol
  • Fix ownership when listening on UNIX sockets
  • Rework signals processing in main
  • Remove extra tools from rspamd (they live in rspamadm now)
  • Remove global rspamd_main
  • Add global timeout for the overall task processing (8 seconds by default)
  • Sanitize NULL values for fuzzy backend
  • Store NM between encrypt/decrypt
  • Add textpart:get_words_count method
  • Fix generic DNS request in lua
  • Tune hfilter weights
  • Add support of IPv6 in hfilter
  • Fix parsing of HTTP headers with IP addresses
  • Sync with the recent libucl
  • Various minor bugfixes

This version is partially backward compatible with 1.0.0. Here is the incompatible change:

Signing, configuration test and other side options have been removed from the main rspamd binary in honor of
`rspamadm` utility which provides drop-in replacement for all functions removed. The main functionality of `rspamd`
binary has not been changed.

Please update your scripts if they use rspamd -t or similar things to the according rspamadm invocation, for example rspamadm configtest.