Module rspamd_http

Rspamd HTTP module represents HTTP asynchronous client available from LUA code. This module hides all complexity: DNS resolving, sessions management, zero-copy text transfers and so on under the hood.


local rspamd_http = require "rspamd_http"

local function symbol_callback(task)
	local function http_callback(err_message, code, body, headers)
		task:insert_result('SYMBOL', 1) -- task is available via closure

 		headers={Header='Value', OtherHeader='Value'},

Brief content:



The module rspamd_http defines the following functions.

Function rspamd_http.request({params...})

This function creates HTTP request and accepts several parameters as a table using key=value syntax. Required params are:

  • url
  • task

In taskless mode, instead of task required are:

  • ev_base
  • config


  • url {string}: specifies URL for a request in the standard URI form (e.g. ‘’)
  • callback {function}: specifies callback function in format function (err_message, code, body, headers) that is called on HTTP request completion. if this parameter is missing, the function performs “pseudo-synchronous” call (see Synchronous and Asynchronous API overview
  • task {task}: if called from symbol handler it is generally a good idea to use the common task objects: event base, DNS resolver and events session
  • headers {table}: optional headers in form [name='value', name='value']
  • mime_type {string}: MIME type of the HTTP content (for example, text/html)
  • body {string/text}: full body content, can be opaque rspamd{text} to avoid data copying
  • timeout {number}: floating point request timeout value in seconds (default is 5.0 seconds)
  • resolver {resolver}: to perform DNS-requests. Usually got from either task or config
  • gzip {boolean}: if true, body of the requests will be compressed
  • no_ssl_verify {boolean}: disable SSL peer checks
  • user {string}: for HTTP authentication
  • password {string}: for HTTP authentication, only if “user” present


  • {boolean}: true, in async mode, if a request has been successfully scheduled. If this value is false then some error occurred, the callback thus will not be called.
  • In sync mode string|nil, nil|table In sync mode error message if any and response as table: int code, string content and table headers (header -> value)

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