Metric exporter

Metric exporter collects statistics from Rspamd and feeds them to external monitoring/graphing systems. Graphite is the only supported backend for now.

Besides, if you want to use pull model to collect statistics from Rspamd, we provide support for Prometheus endpoint. Please have a look at Controller worker and Controller HTTP endpoints for further information.


Non-backend-specific settings are shown below. Configuration could be added to /etc/rspamd/local.d/metric_exporter.conf:

# Backend: just "graphite" for now - MUST be set
backend = "graphite";
# List of metrics to export - MUST be set.
# See next section for list of metrics
metrics = [
# Below settings are optional and values shown will be used as defaults if these are unset:
# Statefile: Path to file at which to persist last run information
statefile = "$DBDIR/metric_exporter_last_push";
# Timeout in seconds for pushing stats to backend
timeout = 15;
# Interval in seconds at which stats should be pushed
interval = 120;

Metrics which may be exported are as follows:

metrics = [
  "actions.add header",
  " action",
  "actions.rewrite subject",
  "actions.soft reject",

Additionally, backend-specific settings may be set. Graphite-specific settings are shown below:

# Hostname for Carbon: "localhost" if unset
host = "localhost";
# Port for Carbon: 2003 if unset
port = 2003;
# Prefix for metric names: "rspamd" if unset
metric_prefix = "rspamd";